8YU Open Timing Belt Replacement


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8YU Open Timing Belt Replacement , 8YU tooth , Pitch 8mm, width(mm): 12 15  18  20 25 30 35 38 40 mm, any width cut by your request.

Model Number: 8YU
Type:  Standard component, 8YU Open Timing Belt
Material:  Neoprene rubber with fiber glass core
Belt Height: 5.2mm
Tooth Height: 3.109mm
pitch:   8mm
Tooth nubmer:
width:  12 15  18  20 25 30 35 38 40 mm,or customized
is_customized:  Customizing all kinds of STD S8M Timing Belts
Package:  1pcs    STD S8M Open Timing Belt Replacement
Performance:Tensile strength ≧300N/mm,Reference Tension: 240N/mm(Elongation≦4%), Hardness 75±5


Open Belt are S-Toothed Rubber Synchronous Belt. suitable for High Torqure Transmisson.

Note:1.The Price is one-Mould Price,add the length by your need.  2. Lead time  12-25days   3. The actual length maybe longer 



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