2GT-610 Timing Belt 2GT Closed-loop Synchronous Timing Belt


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Our 2GT-610 Timing Belt Pitch 2mm Perimeter 610mm, Neoprene Rubber Teeth Width 6mm,9mm ……. ,Closed-loop 2GT Timing Belt usually used in linear drive with Linear Motion small backlash Positioning Accuracy machine eg.3D printer.26

Model Number:  GT2 Standard
Material:  rubber with fiber glass
Package:  1pcs 2GT-610 Timing Belt
is_customized:  Yes
Belt Height: 1.38mm
width:  6mm 9mm
pitch:   2mm
Tooth Height:   0.76mm

GT2 Synchronous Belt Closed-Loop Features:

1.GT2 system is an extension of the HTD system with greater load-carrying
capacity. HTD was developed for high torque drive applications, but is not acceptable for most precision indexing or registration applications.
2.As smaller diameter pulleys are used, the clearance required to operate properly is increased.
HTD drive clearance, using small diameter pulleys, is approximately four times greater than an equivalent GT2 timing belt drive.
3.circular arc tooth profile, tooth space is small, suitable for straight line driving.

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