T10x760 Timing Belt Replacement 76 Teeth



T10x760 Timing Belt Replacement 76 Teeth T10-760 Sychronous belt,Pitch 10mm(0.394″) ,Neoprene Rubber.cut into 10mm 15mm,18mm,20mm, 25mm, 30mm,35mm,40mm,50mm,or any width.Closed-loop T10 Timing Belt usually Fit For Regular Torque. Light Load Conveyance.

Model Number: T10x760 T10-760
Type:  Standard Parts  T10  Closed-loop Timing Belt 
Material:  Neoprene rubber with fiber glass core
Belt Height: 4.50mm(0.177″)
Tooth Height: 2.5mm(0.098″)
pitch:   10mm(0.394″)
Tooth nubmer: 
width: 6mm ,9mm,10mm ,12mm,15mm ,18mm,25mm,35mm,40mm,45mm,50mm,or customized
is_customized:  Yes
Package:  1pcs T10x760 Timing Belt Replacement 76 Teeth
Useage field:Suitable for office machines, machine tools, postage equipment, sewing machines, vending machines, agriculture, outdoor power equipment, food processing, HVAC, oil fields, wood, paper, sand   and gravel applications

T10x760 Timing Belt Replacement 76 Teeth Feature:

Belt Material, adopt high quality synthetic chloroprene rubber,The skeleton material is made of high quality glass fiber cord,The toothed surface is protected by high wear resistant nylon elastic fabric.

The product has good dynamic performance, good performance and good resistance to cracking. It has excellent ozone performance, as well as aging resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance.

T2.5 T5 T10  timing belt are T Teeth Synchronous Belt suitable for Regular Torque. Light Load Conveyance.

Note: If You didn’t find the Required Type or model . We Can Provide Customized Service,We will make it in 3 days !! Customizing all kinds of timing belt.



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